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Monique D. Sherman

Virtual Assistant & Internet Research Specialist


Hey Ya’ll, I am a virtual assistant and internet research specialist that specializes in the techie portions of your business. I have had a long and round about career in legal marketing and entrepreneurship. So I know what it is like to have the passion to create a new business only to realize the technical learning curve is too steep. You have two choices, place everything on hold and start from the beginning and learn the tech task at hand or you can outsource it. I have been freelancing as a tech VA since the early days of Microsoft vs. the typewriter so don’t worry about where you are technically right now instead let’s get your business to the next level. So, what is an internet research specialist? The Web has exceeded 1 trillion unique web pages and more are created daily, this does not include the hidden data in databases, books, and spreadsheets. Searching through that  amount of data for the one thing you need is tedious and time-consuming. That’s when you hire a professional researcher to find it for you. I started my career as journalist and segment producer for local media where I honed my skills at finding just the right source. For more than a decade I have continued to fine tune this skill with the internet.

What I Do

  • WordPress Blog Set Up 75%
  • Internet Research 85%
  • CRM Clean Up 70%
  • Eating Chocolate 100%
So! What happens when you hire a Technical Virtual Assistant? First we have a rap session about your needs and my skills to see if we are a match. If we are a match, then we get down to business with our first project. I handle the tech areas of your business that intimidate you or that you just do not have the time for while running a business. My projects range from email set up to teaching you how use your existing technology.